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As part of its continued globalisation, Lintec & Linnhoff has announced the strategic decision to consolidate Eurotec into the Lintec brand. Consequently, Eurotec concrete batching plants will be sold under the Lintec name, with Lintec branding. By Munesu Shoko.
The Lintec ECP Eco Concrete Batching Plant features an eco-friendly and efficient design concept for operations to produce a wide range of concrete mix designs.

Effective November 2023, the change will apply to all global markets and reflects Lintec & Linnhoff’s commitment to bring the speed, productivity and ease-of-maintenance benefits of the Eurotec product range to a wider customer base.

Daniel Chan, Chairman of Lintec & Linnhoff Holdings, says, “We are excited to announce the consolidation and are confident that our customers will appreciate being able to purchase the plants under the Lintec name, while also enjoying the higher residual value that Lintec plants command. Furthermore, we intend to gradually integrate more technology from our German design centre into the newly branded Lintec concrete batching plants, giving them further appeal.”

Established as part of the Lintec & Linnhoff Group nearly 35 years ago in 1988, Lintec’s brand heritage is founded on state-of-the-art German technology that incorporates high standards of craftsmanship, precision and durability. Offering the highest quality of solutions, Lintec is transforming, inspiring and changing lives by bringing sustainable infrastructure across its range of asphalt mixing plants, as well its concrete batching plants, to communities across the globe.

The Lintec UCP Ultra concrete batching plant is the ideal choice for large-scale projects, especially those requiring high strength grades of concrete mix.

New generation

The new generation of Lintec plants will provide customers in key Lintec & Linnhoff markets such as Southeast Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa, with access to new Lintec products, further complementing existing models.

The highly automated Lintec UCP Ultra series is perfect for big concrete needs. With models that produce up to 250 m³ of ready-mix concrete per hour, the UCP series meets the needs of projects requiring thousands of cubic metres a day. The range can be customised to suit the requirements of any major project. The twin-shaft mixers, controlled by computerised process control systems running on Windows OS, intensely mixes concrete in three-dimensional movements.

Completely modular and portable, the Lintec PCP Portable series of concrete batching plants are designed for total flexibility. The wet mix plant range is designed in modules for enhanced portability and easy transportation. The plants can be set up on a prepared compacted surface without any need for a foundation. They can be easily and quickly installed or dismantled.

The Lintec ECP series is an eco-friendly and efficient batching plant capable of delivering high-quality concrete. The modular design of the Lintec ECP series allows for easy transportation, fast installation and dismantling upon completion of a project, thus maximising uptime for customers. In addition, the plant requires minimal foundations and minimal or no loading ramps, reducing material wastage for customers. It comes with a two-sided aggregate storage bin (quadrant design) for materials to be loaded effortlessly.

The new generation of plants will feature enhanced overall performance and capacity levels. These Lintec concrete batching plants can be fully cladded to reduce pollution, noise levels and overall impact on the environment while also providing powerful and innovative solutions that meet industry standards.

Lintec PCP Portable concrete batching plant
The Lintec PCP Portable concrete batching plant is suitable for fast mobilisation and demobilisation and can be installed without civil foundations at the job site.

Process control

All Lintec concrete batching plants are equipped with an industrial computer system with our Lintec ECS software which is time-tested for fully automatic operation. This software is interfaced with an electrical control panel with synoptic displays. During emergencies such as computer hardware failures, the control panel enables the operator to switch to emergency manual operations.

Exclusively designed by Lintec, together with Siemens PLC, the ECS programme is based on Windows Operating System and can handle both Planetary Pan and Twin-Shaft Mixers for various applications.

The ECS programme has a remote accessibility feature (via Wi-Fi or Mobile Data connections) for tele-diagnostic and troubleshooting purposes. This helps to resolve any plant failure issues remotely and to provide faster technical support.

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