Booyco Engineering raises the bar in air filtration on dusty sites

Sy-Klone products can withstand extreme environments, reducing operator exposure to harmful particulates and extending engine life.
Sy-Klone products can withstand extreme environments, reducing operator exposure to harmful particulates and extending engine life.

As a distributor for manufacturing and technology company Sy-Klone International, Germiston-based Booyco Engineering now offers mines, quarries and construction contractors superior air filtration options for mining and earthmoving equipment.

The Sy-Klone offerings include enclosed cab filtration, air precleaning for engines and high efficiency air filtration for heavy equipment. Gordon Postma, Field Services Sales manager for Booyco Engineering, explains how Sy-Klone clean air solutions achieve higher standards of filtration where dust levels are severe.

“We can offer customers a complete cab air quality system that includes both fresh air and recirculated air systems combined with high-efficiency HEPA and EPA filtration as well as real-time CO2 and pressure monitoring,” says Postma.

“Tighter international standards – embodied in the ISO 23875 global standard for cab air quality – are leading the world’s major mining companies to adopt better air quality control systems for their heavy machinery cabs and other operator enclosures,” he explains. “The trend is also being felt in southern Africa, as mining and construction companies look for more effective dust control solutions.”

The new ISO standard will require machine cabs to have a fresh air pressurisation solution, a recirculation system and a monitoring device, he points out. They will also need to be fitted with filtration that exceeds 94% efficiency at 0,3 microns, such as Sy-Klone’s EPA and HEPA filters. Many mining and earthmoving vehicles and equipment are imported with filtration systems that are not suited for the region’s dry and dusty conditions.

“Sy-Klone solutions can be retro-fitted onto vehicles and equipment to provide unsurpassed levels of protection and be in compliance with emerging standards,” says Postma. “Higher levels of filtration also support the safety of machine users, promoting operator alertness and improving productivity.”

He highlights that the Sy-Klone distributorship is a natural fit with Booyco Engineering’s HVAC specialisation and experience – as more effective filtration for the cab also enhances the performance and lifespan of the air conditioning system.

“This collaboration allows us to offer an even more comprehensive solution to our customers’ needs, harnessing the latest technology to meet rising global standards,” he concludes.

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