Booyco mobile HVAC solutions built Africa tough

A Booyco Engineering HVAC system being installed on a mining vehicle.
A Booyco Engineering HVAC system being installed on a mining vehicle.

Engineered to cope not only with vibration and dust associated with off-road environments, Booyco HVAC systems are also designed for the very high ambient temperatures often encountered in Africa.

The systems, which are ideal for off-road equipment such as dump trucks, drill rigs, dozers and excavators, are able to cope with the vibration and dust associated with off-road environments.

“There is a misconception that our mobile HVAC solutions are over-engineered, making them more expensive than they need to be, particularly in comparison to the mass-produced systems designed for use in typical heavy goods vehicles (HGVs). But these vehicles seldom run off motorways and they are typically designed for cooler climates,” explains Grant Miller, executive director of Booyco Engineering.

Elaborating on Miller’s point, Booyco Engineering’s MD, Brenton Spies, notes that Booyco Engineering’s systems are rated for use at ambient temperatures of 45°C to 50°C while mass-produced systems tend to be designed for cooler climates where 35°C is seen as the maximum operating temperature. To eject this additional heat, larger components are needed, such as larger condenser coils and more powerful fans.

To cope with rugged off-road conditions, Booyco Engineering’s systems utilise welded structures and use thicker gauge (2 mm) steel plate than competitor products which tend to rely on less-expensive pop-rivetted structures and much thinner steel or aluminium sections. As a result, Booyco Engineering’s solutions are far more durable and reliable.

To counter dust, Booyco Engineering often includes scavenger fans and HEPA filters to maintain the air quality inside cabins. In addition, the cooling fin spacing is larger than on conventional units to limit dust build-up, which – if unchecked – can quickly impair the cooling capacity of inadequately designed systems.

Summing up the case for choosing a Booyco HVAC solution, Miller says it is not sensible to pay money for a lower cost system that will not work in demanding African conditions. “And if someone claims that a lower cost system is the same as ours, beware! If it costs much less, it is likely not to work – and it certainly won’t work for long!” he warns.

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