CHRYSO Southern Africa’s laboratories propel innovation and quality assurance

A CHRYSO technician evaluating chloride content.
A CHRYSO technician evaluating chloride content.

CHRYSO Southern Africa, located in Jet Park, Johannesburg, maintains two state-of-the-art laboratories that form the backbone of its operations. These facilities, the Quality Control and Research and Development Laboratory and the Concrete and Cement Laboratory, support customers across all industries by ensuring quality, safety and efficiency.

Mpumi Mlalazi, R&D manager at CHRYSO Southern Africa, explains that the Quality Control and Research and Development Laboratory has a multifaceted role. “Firstly, it ensures quality assurance and compliance with industry standards and by doing so, strengthens our reputation of reliability and trust.”

“By driving process improvement initiatives, we enhance our efficiency and effectiveness and through this our laboratory plays a crucial role in facilitating innovation and new product development, ensuring we stay at the forefront of industry advancement,” Mlalazi says. “The laboratory also offers problem-solving expertise to our customers, ensuring issues are quickly identified and rectified, adding value to their bottom line.”

The Concrete and Cement Laboratory also has several functions. It conducts comprehensive material testing and analysis, ensuring the quality of cement and concrete chemicals used in industry. Mlalazi explains that by evaluating strength and durability properties, CHRYSO Southern Africa ensures that the materials used can withstand the demanding conditions of the particular application where these materials are being used.

“Our team also performs chemical analysis for compliance and optimal performance, and the laboratory engages in research and development for new chemicals and formulations. We also explore specialised applications and sustainability considerations, and doing this ensures our operations remain environmentally conscious,” she says.

By harnessing the capabilities of these laboratories, CHRYSO Southern Africa reaffirms its commitment to delivering a customer focused service, meeting the highest quality standards and addressing the specific needs of its customers in Africa.

Mlalazi affirms that the CHRYSO laboratories undergo annual audits to maintain its ISO certifications, further demonstrating commitment to quality, environmental responsibility and safety. “Our ISO 9001 certification is a testament to the emphasis we place on quality management principles such as customer focus, the involvement of top management, a process-driven approach and continuous improvement. Our ISO14001 certification emphasises our dedication to measuring and actively improving our environmental impact, demonstrating to company management, employees and external stakeholders our commitment to environmental responsibility.”


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