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Bunting’s range of magnetic separators and metal detectors for quarries and mines ensures the protection of crushers, screens, and conveyors.  Overband magnets, suspension magnets, and pulley magnets automatically remove tramp ferrous metal from conveyed quarried rock.  Metal detectors identify non-magnetic tramp metal, such as digger teeth.

Bunting’s range of overband and suspension magnets includes permanent and electromagnetic designs.  Permanent overband and suspension magnets feature in lower volume operations and mobile plant including crushers and screens.  Higher volume operations, with wider conveyors and deeper material burdens, require more powerful, electromagnetic overband and suspension magnets.  For challenging applications and difficult installations, Bunting’s ‘ElectroMax’, a compact and lightweight overband magnet, provides exceptional separation power.  Permanent and electromagnetic pulley magnets replace head pulleys of conveyors and automatically remove tramp ferrous metal.

Bunting range of metal detectors for quarries and mines includes the TN77 industrial metal detector.  This detects damaging tramp metal present in conveyed quarried and mined rock, including tramp iron and low-grade manganese steel (e.g. digger teeth).  Once detected, the problematic metal removal is either manual or automatic, preventing damage to process plant.  The easy-to-install and simple operation makes the TN77 one of Bunting’s most popular metal detectors.


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