Delivering a sustainable Hillhead

Hillhead takes place from 21–23 June 2022 at Hillhead Quarry, near Buxton.
Hillhead takes place from 21–23 June 2022 at Hillhead Quarry, near Buxton.

To ensure a more sustainable experience for visitors and exhibitors alike, the Hillhead team is launching a number of initiatives at this year’s event, including among others:

Liftshare with Hillhead

The organisers are encouraging delegates to find someone to share their journey with to Hillhead and help reduce the carbon footprint, or simply share a car with colleagues. Car sharing is a great way to reduce the cost of travelling to the show, reduces congestion, and, most of all, helps deliver a more environmentally friendly event. Delegates can sign up at:

HVO fuel to power Main and Registration pavilions

All the electrics serving the 270 exhibitors in the main indoor exhibition areas at Hillhead will be powered by Crown HVO Fuel. Swapping from fossil fuel to HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) will help reduce up to 90% of net CO emissions.

More recycling opportunities

More facilities than ever before will be available throughout the site to maximise the recycling options for visitors’ waste. These will include dedicated bins for food waste, dry recycling (paper, card, tin, aluminium etc), general waste and glass. Skips will also be available throughout the build and breakdown periods for exhibitors to recycle wood, metals and general waste.

Single-use plastics being taken off the menu

The official caterers for Hillhead are eliminating all single-use plastics, including plastic utensils, straws and water bottles. Delegates have been encouraged to bring a reusable bottle to the show or buy a Hillhead-branded one from the merchandise shop at RC23.

A sustainable Show Guide

All paper used for the Show Guide is sustainably sourced and printed using vegetable-based inks. The paper itself is also carbon balanced via a scheme operated by the World Land Trust. The carbon footprint of transporting the Show Guide to the exhibition is also minimised by using Buxton Press located only a few miles away.

Solar-powered security and lighting towers

Hillhead has partnered with BauWatch to provide a solar-powered security solution throughout the site using their ‘Solar Duo’ self-powered tower system. The organisers will also be experimenting with other solar-powered applications with a view to increasing the amount of solar power used as part of the energy mix going forward.

Hillhead takes place from 21–23 June 2022 at Hillhead Quarry, near Buxton.

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