ELB Equipment adds MDS mobile trommels to its range

MDS trommels are now available in southern Africa through ELB Equipment.
MDS trommels are now available in southern Africa through ELB Equipment.

ELB Equipment is complementing its minerals processing equipment offering with the addition of a complete range of trommels.

Its Powerscreen scalpers and screens are already prominent in the local market and the addition of the MDS mobile trommels is bound to close the circuit for miners who are already familiar with the ELB Equipment way and its high-quality minerals processing offering that is predominantly derived from Terex Corporation.

MDS track, static and recycling trommels, as well as apron feeders, are quick and can handle a wide range of media including blasted rock and riprap, as well as varying substrates such as clay, limestone and even recycled concrete rubble. But, most importantly, it is the new trommels’ ability to speed up processing and ability to handle oversize materials that is most exciting for the local market.

ELB Equipment divisional director, Wakefield Harding, says the range of static and tracked trommels is unmatched in the local market and is simply not available as standard production machines elsewhere. This means it will introduce a totally new way of doing things in the local market and is bound to turn up production volumes while increasing profitability on many new and existing plants in southern Africa.

MDS tracked and mobile units have the ability to separate up to four streams of aggregates quickly and efficiently, starting with soil and fines at the feed-end moving through to larger rocks and oversize rock up to 1,5m at the discharge end.

It is this rugged ability of the MDS designed and manufactured trommels that makes them unique as they have the ability to shorten the processing equipment chain onsite – either direct from blasting and loading or from a primary crusher or even recycled materials and composting. The addition also supports ELB Equipment’s growth strategy to expand its offering into new crushing, screening and environmental industries with products that complement its existing portfolio.

MDS designs and manufactures heavy duty static trommels – the M615 and M820 models. These can process from 500 to 750 tonnes per hour with three to four outputs each. The trommels are built with portability in mind for applications processing overburden, recycling/skip waste, general scalping, all quarried aggregates, demolition waste, riprap/armour rock and blasted rock.

MDS manufactures a variety of tracked trommels to make mobility easier for customers and improve mobility on site making this an ideal solution for mining contractors. These versatile trommels can handle material up to 1m in size and have outputs from 300 to 750 tph. Some applications include:

Placer mining: Trommel screens are commonly used in placer mining operations to separate valuable minerals from the surrounding gravel or alluvial deposits. The rotating drum of the trommel screen allows the fine particles to pass through while larger rocks and debris are separated and discarded.

Gold mining: Mobile trommel screens are extensively used in gold mining operations. They help in the screening and separation of gold-bearing material from other debris, such as rocks, clay, and sand. Trommel screens are particularly effective in capturing fine gold particles.

Coal mining: Trommel screens are utilised in coal mining to separate coal from waste material. The trommel screen separates the coal based on size, ensuring that the appropriate coal product is processed further while discarding larger rocks and debris.

Quarrying: Mobile trommel screens are used in quarrying operations to separate different sizes of stone and aggregate materials. By utilising different screen sizes and configurations, trommel screens can produce various sizes of screened material for further processing or sale.

Mineral processing: Trommel screens play a crucial role in mineral processing plants by separating valuable minerals from waste material. They are often used in conjunction with other equipment like crushers and conveyors to efficiently process bulk materials.

Sand and gravel operations: Trommel screens are commonly employed in sand and gravel operations to separate and classify different sizes of material. The screens help remove oversize rocks and debris, allowing the sand and gravel to be processed further for various construction and industrial applications.

Recycling: Mobile trommel screens find applications in recycling operations, such as construction and demolition waste processing. They aid in separating and sorting different types of recyclable materials, such as wood, plastics, metals, and aggregates.

“We believe that the addition of the MDS brand will open up new markets for both the company and for our clients. These are top quality machines from the world’s leading supplier within the portfolio of our long-time supplier, Terex Corporation, which also owns Powerscreen and Terex branded processing equipment which has been distributed by ELB Equipment for decades.

“As a result of this trusted combination, and with our footprint throughout southern Africa, we expect the MDS offering to expand quickly across all mining types and into the growing recycling markets. There are also some commonalities between equipment under our umbrella and it simply makes to go with a single supplier for all equipment requirements on site.”

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