Elevate plant lubrication practices with new SKF Quick Lubrication Review tool

SKF Quick Lubrication Review is an innovative new tool that assists customers to elevate their plant lubrication practices.
SKF Quick Lubrication Review is an innovative new tool that assists customers to elevate their plant lubrication practices.

SKF is introducing its SKF Quick Lubrication Review, an innovative new tool that enables customers to discover more about their plant lubrication practices and compare them with industry peers and competitors with the view of enhancing their own procedures.

“Correct lubrication is essential to machine and plant uptime, especially when taking into account that incorrect lubricant/practices and contamination of the lubricant contribute to 50% of all bearing failures,” notes Eddie Martens, SKF product manager, MaPro. “Added to these issues is the actual cost of the lubricant, which is sometimes an unknown factor.”

SKF Quick Lubrication Review is comprised of a dedicated questionnaire specifically drawn up by SKF experts to essentially help with the assessment and benchmarking of customers’ lubrication methods.

After completing the survey, SKF, as a recognised leading expert in the field of lubrication management, can then provide recommendations, suggestions and issue-specific maintenance advice based on the customer’s responses, helping them to identify and enhance specific areas. The more detailed the input, the more comprehensive the advice SKF is able to offer.

In addition, a customised lubrication maturity radar chart will be generated that highlights the strengths and areas for improvement within the lubrication management life cycle.

As an added incentive, pinpointed specific lubrication issues requiring expert advice from the SKF team, supporting details and photographs, can be uploaded during the review. This allows SKF to provide tailored recommendations for any specific concern.

After submitting the questionnaire, which takes only some 20 minutes to complete, the customer is able to download their personalised results. An SKF specialist will then reach out to discuss the outcomes and potential opportunities in greater detail, all without any obligations.

This SKF Quick Lubrication Review provides customers with an invaluable opportunity to elevate their plant lubrication practices with SKF’s expertise for the ultimate enhancement of machine and equipment reliability.

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