Elevating material transfer efficiency with custom engineering

Design professionals employing specialised software to create a detailed model of a Weba transfer chute.
Design professionals employing specialised software to create a detailed model of a Weba transfer chute.

In the world of mining and industrial material handling, transfer chutes play a crucial role in maintaining smooth and efficient operations. While many manufacturers offer similar products, it is the uncompromising standards of Weba Chute Systems that sets this South African-based OEM apart.

With a dedicated focus on design, engineering and manufacturing, Weba Chute Systems has elevated the science of transfer chutes, providing customers, both in Africa and overseas, with unparalleled peace-of-mind and reliable solutions.

Contrary to common misconceptions, transfer chutes are not mere platework commodities that any general fabricator can produce on demand. Dewald Tintinger, Technical Manager at Weba Chute Systems, stresses the danger of adopting such an approach. “Generic chutes often result in suboptimal performance, unreliable operation and a lack of technical support when it is most needed,” he cautions.

“At Weba Chute Systems, every transfer point solution is custom-engineered to address specific material and operating conditions on-site. We leverage our extensive design capabilities and field experience in the process and our skilled draughtsmen employ the latest specialised software to model material flow accurately,” he says. “This meticulous approach ensures the optimisation of material trajectory, minimising impacts and disruptions during transfer.”

Further to this, he affirms that Weba Chute Systems takes pride in standing behind every chute produced. The company offers technical backup and support, ensuring that Weba chutes deliver consistent and reliable performance. “Our specially trained technicians undertake regular inspections ensuring that proactive maintenance can be done, and where necessary customers can be forewarned regarding any issues. This approach enables informed decisions to be made and eliminates costly downtime due to premature chute failure.”

Tintinger emphasises the importance of involving transfer point specialists in the early stages of plant planning and design. “Our team’s experience and detailed knowledge of how transfer points and chutes work allow them to offer valuable guidance on positioning equipment for optimal material flow. By strategically placing chutes and other equipment, plants can significantly improve efficiency, resulting in enhanced production outcomes and cost savings.”

“While transfer chutes may be perceived to be relatively low-cost items within the overall process equipment flowsheet, these can become sources of significant and expensive operational problems when not properly engineered or maintained,” he continues. “We offer a solution to this issue by ensuring that our chutes are designed and installed to minimise disruptions and prevent costly downtime.”

“We believe that by prioritising reliability, technical support and early engagement in the planning stages, Weba Chute Systems empowers its customers with the tools they need to achieve smooth and efficient material transfer operations,” Tintinger concludes.

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