First Doosan DX1000LC-7 100 t excavator sold in Europe

The new DX1000LC-7 has been supplied by INTRAC Group.

Estonia-based Kiviõli Keemiatöötus (KKT), part of the Alexela Group, has purchased the first Doosan DX1000LC-7 100 tonne (t) crawler excavator in Europe. The new DX1000LC-7 has been supplied by INTRAC Group, the Doosan authorised dealer for the Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

The new excavator has joined the existing Doosan DX800LC-7 80 t and DX490LC-7 50 t models already working at KKT’s oil shale mine at North Kiviõli in Estonia, where the company also operates a number of other brands of 80 t excavators. The purchase decision to replace one of the existing 80 t machines with the new DX1000LC-7 was based on the successful performance of the DX800LC-7, with which KKT is burning 10 litres per hour less fuel than the competitive machines, for the same production output.

These savings really add up – after over 4 000 operating hours, the DX800LC-7 had already saved the equivalent of 40 000 litres of fuel, a massive figure especially when the escalating price of fuel is considered. Compared to the other 80 t excavators, the DX800LC-7 uses 1,5€/litre less fuel – the overall saving is already 60 000€ after only 4 000 hours. After 10 000 hours, the saving will be equivalent to 150 000€.

The new DX1000LC-7 promises even more savings. Driven by the most powerful engine in the 100-t class, the DX1000LC-7 also has the highest hydraulic flow for this size of machine, providing best-in-class performance, with higher productivity, lower fuel consumption and smoother controls. Equipped with a 6,8 m³ bucket, the DX1000LC-7 is certain to offer even greater productivity.

The DX1000LC-7 excavator is powered by the new stage V version of the well-proven Perkins 2806J diesel engine, providing a high-power output of 469 kW (629 HP), more than any other machine in this class. The high output of the engine is combined with a Virtual Bleed Off (VBO) hydraulic system (D-ECOPOWER+), providing a best-in-class hydraulic flow of (3 x 523) – 1 569 l/min and a high system pressure of 360 bar, together contributing to the best performance in the 100-t market.

The DX1000LC machine category has already proved popular around the world, with the largest volumes in South East Asia, China and Latin America. Doosan has delivered a total of 35 units so far and now builds both the 80 and 100 tonne models on the same production line. The capacity has been increased to 10 units a month to meet demand for both machines. Based on feedback from customers, Doosan has forecast that the company will produce 50 to 60 100 t excavators in 2023 alone.

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