FOGMAKER to showcase fire suppression solutions at Electra Mining

Engine protected by Q-TEC foam spray fire suppression system.
Engine protected by Q-TEC foam spray fire suppression system.

FOGMAKER South Africa (Pty) Ltd will use Electra Mining Africa 2022 as a platform to showcase its renowned fire suppression systems as well as to introduce new products and technologies to the mining industry.

“Based on our past experience, this mining exhibition serves as an excellent meeting point for all our stakeholders, from customers, end-users and industry experts to our OEM partners,” says FOGMAKER South Africa’s MD, John Russell. “Alongside our proven Swedish-manufactured FOGMAKER water-mist fire suppression system, this year’s show will also see the unveiling the introduction of Q-TEC Fire’s foam fire suppression solution into our product portfolio.”

Essentially every diesel engine-operated vehicle and machine is susceptible to fires due to presence of heat, rapid airflow and flammable fluids. Fires present a real and serious threat to mining operations so ensuring that steps are taken to minimise the fire risk through design and operational procedures, and where the fire risk is still unacceptable that an effective, certified and reliable fire suppression system is in place is paramount. A small fire in a mine can spread quickly, leading to catastrophic results including loss of life as well as exorbitant costs linked to damages and downtime.

“Building on the tremendous success of the live demonstrations of our FOGMAKER triple-action fire-suppression system at the 2018 show, visitors to our stand P17 in Nasrec’s lake area can once again look forward to seeing this highly effective system in action,” adds Russell. “The daily live demos will be conducted on a FOGMAKER system fitted on to an OEM mining machine, highlighting the total flooding capability of water-mist technology as well as the ability to integrate our technologies into OEM equipment to ensure safe operation.”

“We are delighted and honoured that a large delegation from FOGMAKER International will be traveling from Sweden to participate in the exhibition, and our stakeholders will be able to engage with them on FOGMAKER’s global activities and operations. We are also extremely excited to announce that we will be showcasing real FOGMAKER installation on various OEM equipment on partner OEM stands!”

The low-weight, low-maintenance FOGMAKER system utilises the power of the purest extinguishant i.e. water, in the form of high-pressure mist (50-micron droplets) to effectively suppress the fire in seconds. The system combines water with 3% Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) to rapidly attack all three components of the fire triangle namely heat, oxygen and fuel. “We refer to this as the FOGMAKER TRIPLE ACTION3 effect,” adds Russell.

The FOGMAKER system is suited to any application where diesel driven machines are being operated and is smartly engineered to be compact and installed in any orientation.  This makes it particularly suitable for machines where space to mount a storage cylinder is limited as is the case with most mobile mining equipment. FOGMAKER systems are manufactured according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards and have been certified by globally recognised authorities to meet global fire suppression standards.


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