HIMOINSA acquires Dismuntel

Miguel Calpe, general director of Dismuntel and Francisco Garcia, President and CEO of HIMOINSA.
Miguel Calpe, general director of Dismuntel and Francisco Garcia, President and CEO of HIMOINSA.

HIMOINSA, a designer and manufacturer of power technology solutions, has acquired Dismuntel, an engineering and research and development (R&D) company with over 25 years of experience in the design and manufacture of electronic systems, based in Valencia, Spain.

The incorporation of Dismuntel will allow HIMOINSA to vertically integrate the development of hardware, software and firmware and strengthen its ability to engineer and develop new electronic systems.

“The integration of Dismuntel into HIMOINSA allows us to innovate in the development of new intelligent control systems for our power generation equipment and to drive the development of new solutions in areas such as hybrid power, battery storage and microgrids, among others,” explains Francisco Gracia, President and CEO of HIMOINSA, who stresses the need to continue developing “increasingly intelligent equipment that allows us to help our clients build their businesses”.

In this way, HIMOINSA continues to demonstrate its commitment to transversal growth in the power generation sector by integrating the full range of engineering solutions: mechanical, electrical, acoustic and electronic. This acquisition is also intended to further strengthen the collaboration between the R&D departments of HIMOINSA, Yanmar (YES – Yanmar Energy System) and Dismuntel for the joint development of hardware, software and firmware solutions designed to accelerate the growth of all business areas.

“This is a very important strategic alliance because by joining forces we have coordinated our R&D, Engineering and Design teams and strengthened our industrial capacity to continue innovating in the development of electronic systems that allow us to address and meet market needs and to position ourselves at the forefront of the latest technologies,” says Miguel Calpe, the company’s GM.

Dismuntel employs more than 100 people dedicated full-time to the design, manufacture and technical servicing of electronic equipment and systems for numerous companies in a wide range of sectors; from smart cities and smart buildings to the automotive industry, telecommunications, power, chemicals, transport, security, electromedicine, etc.

Its consolidated experience and R&D strength allow it to design control systems for a myriad of applications such as generator sets, lighting towers and battery power generation systems. For this reason, HIMOINSA considers Dismuntel as a strategic partner with which to develop its 100% connected installations and to accelerate the development of the new microgrid and distributed power projects it is already working on.

“The integration with Dismuntel will help us to continue driving the development of control and automation systems for our products so that we can offer our clients increasingly connected equipment and easy-to-use and intuitive interfaces designed to ensure the best possible user experience,” explains Miguel Ángel Ruiz, Global Engineering and Development head at HIMOINSA, who goes on to say that “the power technology market is constantly evolving and our clients want to be connected to their equipment so that they can monitor its operating parameters and even manage its operation remotely”.

With more than 40 years of experience in the power generation sector, HIMOINSA works continuously to develop new products based on a combination of technologies.  In this context, the company recently unveiled its electrification roadmap which includes the development of new battery equipment and hybrid systems for both power generation and lighting, with intelligent control systems as the cornerstone of each new development.

Dismuntel will continue to offer solutions to its current clients and will launch new developments that will allow it to access new sectors and markets in which it is not yet present. HIMOINSA and Dismuntel are working on a business plan to position the company as an international benchmark in control systems and electronics.


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