HIMOINSA opens new production centre

The new facilities provide a total production capacity of 7 000 units per year.
The new facilities provide a total production capacity of 7 000 units per year.

Yanmar Group company HIMOINSA has opened its newest factory in Europe, signalling a strategic move in its growth plan. The 5 000 m² facility in Spain will produce lighting towers and battery energy storage and distributions systems (BESS).

The initiative aligns with HIMOINSA’s growth and product segmentation plan, continuing its strategy of having dedicated factories for each product category. This production facility emphasises the company’s commitment to its electrification strategy and marks its fourth facility in Europe, contributing to the global network of nine production centres.

Francisco Gracia, President and CEO of HIMOINSA, emphasises the company’s commitment to its product strategy. “We are significantly increasing our production capacity for lighting towers, consolidating our leadership in this market in the short term. Simultaneously, we are reaffirming our commitment to electrification by establishing a production centre dedicated to the production of equipment battery-powered and hybrid systems.”

The company is committed to offering sustainable solutions alongside its range of traditional gas and diesel power generation systems. This commitment, outlined in HIMOINSA’s electrification strategy, is gaining momentum in its Mobile Power product portfolio, and will be progressively deployed across all business units including On Site, Power Solutions and Telecom Power.

The new facilities provide a total production capacity of 7 000 units per year and have been designed to incorporate the latest technology in the manufacturing processes of lighting towers and battery power storage and distribution systems, thereby maximising product quality and optimising production processes.

The official opening event of these facilities in Spain was attended by members of HIMOINSA’s Global Management Team (GMT) and representatives of Yanmar Holdings. Tetsuya Yamamoto, COO and representative director at Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd., visited the new production centre and expressed his interest in the innovation and efficiency of the new project.

“I am thrilled to see the new factory and congratulate the team on their achievement. HIMOINSA’s solutions exceed customer requirements, and I am confident that this new facility will have a positive impact on the Yanmar Group’s mission to build a sustainable future”, says Yamamoto. “HIMOINSA’s quick response to industry needs with the launch of their battery-powered generator is a significant milestone for the Yanmar Green Challenge initiative, and I appreciate their efforts to enhance our value proposition as a group”

HIMOINSA has defined its growth strategy to become a global leader in the lighting tower market. The commissioning of the new factory, which represents a major increase in production capacity in Europe, highlights HIMOINSA’s growth potential in the lighting tower sector, not only in terms of the new models it has recently launched on the market, but also in terms of other models that will be unveiled in the first half of next year.

As part of its segmentation and growth strategy, the company has decided to recruit product managers who can lead each of the different product segments. In the case of lighting towers, the global product manager is José Cerezuela, who has extensive international experience in the power, construction and mining sectors.

“The global market for lighting towers is expected to reach US$1,5-billion dollars in 2027,” says Cerezuela. He emphasises that HIMOINSA’s European production capacity is 5 000 units annually, being its global capacity even greater when taking into account its production centres in Asia and America. “We will combine the manufacture of diesel, hybrid and electric towers, focusing at all times on innovation, connectivity, efficiency and safety, with the aim of becoming a leading manufacturer in the international market”.

In addition, taking advantage of the synergies with Yanmar, HIMOINSA’s parent company, the engineering teams of the two both companies are working together on the design of exclusive new lighting tower engines, ensuring compliance with international standards such as Stage V, Tier 4F and others.

The new factory has a production capacity of 2 000 units per year for battery power storage and distribution systems.

The production line that is currently in operation manufactures EHR | Battery Power Generator models up to 60 kWh but by next year the company will be able to manufacture new models up to 300 kWh.

“Our development plan for new battery-powered systems envisages the development of units of up to 2MW,” explains Agustín Rodrigo, storage product manager at HIMOINSA, who reiterates the company’s strong commitment to its electrification strategy and the importance of this new production centre as a driving force in this process.

HIMOINSA is reinforcing its policy of reducing its carbon footprint and prioritising environmental responsibility, as well as the search for innovative and environmentally friendly solutions in all its operations, in order to contribute to a more sustainable future.


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