Integrated Pump Technology to unveil expanded pump solutions at EMA

The Grindex electrical submersible range of pumps covers applications from dewatering to slurry.
The Grindex electrical submersible range of pumps covers applications from dewatering to slurry.

Integrated Pump Technology, a leading provider of pump solutions to the mining industry, will use Electra Mining Africa to highlight its recent appointment as an official Godwin distributor as well as its position as a pump supplier of choice in Africa.

Already recognised as the sub-Saharan distributor for the world class Grindex submersible pumps, the company has now expanded its portfolio to include the highly sought-after Godwin diesel-driven dewatering pump range.

Jordan Marsh, MD of Integrated Pump Technology, emphasises the company’s goal of becoming a leading single-source provider of pump solutions. “The addition of a solid range of diesel-driven pump solutions allows us to cater to a much wider spectrum of applications,” says Marsh. “Godwin recognised our team’s extensive experience with both electrical and diesel-driven pumps, making us the ideal partner to expand their footprint in Africa.”

Integrated Pump Technology’s strategic distributor network ensures extensive reach and high levels of support in major mining areas across South Africa, as well as Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Zambia and the DRC. The company’s strong presence on the Copperbelt underscores its capability to support both large and small mining operations with its expanded range of pump solutions.

Marsh underscores the importance of the distributor network, stating, “Our operating model allows for rapid response times to customer requests. Our commitment to localisation in the regions where we operate is based on the understanding that local people know their own country, culture and mining operations best. By upskilling local teams, we are giving back to the countries where we operate and ensuring that we provide appropriate pump equipment and solutions with the correct level of parts stockholding and support.”

The African mining sector demands robust and high-performance products, and both Grindex and Godwin have established reputations for quality and reliability. The Grindex electrical submersible range covers applications from dewatering to slurry, while the extensive Godwin diesel-driven range meets needs from small dewatering requirements to surface mining and quarrying applications with lifts up to 300 m.

Grindex submersible pumps are renowned for their reliability and efficiency, particularly in challenging mining environments. The range includes dewatering, sludge and slurry pumps, designed to handle various applications. The dewatering pumps are ideal for draining water from surface and underground mine sites and flooded areas. They are capable of handling high volumes of water and are built to withstand harsh conditions.

The Grindex sludge pumps are designed for thicker, more viscous fluids, and can manage liquids containing abrasive particles and solids. This makes them perfect for handling water mixed with mud, clay or other suspended materials. Engineered to transport abrasive slurries, the Grindex slurry pumps are ideal for heavy-duty applications in mining and other industries requiring robust slurry handling.

The Godwin diesel driven pump range are easily deployed in situations where electrical power is unavailable or unreliable. Perfect for emergency situations, the portable range are easily transportable, can be deployed and can operate under tough conditions. Pumps within the range are designed for applications requiring high-pressure water transfer and this would include mining operations where a high pumping head is required.

Visitors to Electra Mining Africa will have the opportunity to see a range of both Godwin diesel-driven units and Grindex electrical submersibles at the Integrated Pump Technology stand. Notably, the large Grindex Bravo 900 electrical submersible slurry pump will be on display, allowing end-users to engage with the team and learn more about the comprehensive pumping solutions offered by Integrated Pump Technology.

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