International leaders in cement and construction decarbonisation visit Holcim Innovation Centre

Group photo.
Group photo.

Holcim is pushing the boundaries of Research and Development to shape a smarter, greener world for all – an effort sustained by over 200 researchers working in the Holcim Innovation Centre where part of CarbonZero Global Conference and Exhibition’s second edition will take place in 2023.  International leaders from 23 countries will visit the Centre in Lyon on October 27 during the event.

CarbonZero Global Conference and Exhibition – Alternative Fuels and Raw Materials for cement and construction will again bring together the most brilliant minds and top experts to find and outline the most effective and high-importance solutions for decarbonising the cement industry.

By collaborating with leading academic institutions and hundreds of startups to drive innovation and build better with less, Holcim boasts 300 researchers and 300 active patent families balanced across the value chain – all forming the industry’s largest R&D organisation.

Holcim experts cut across all fields of building, from advanced engineering and material science to artificial intelligence and data mining, all the way to masonry. They drive cutting-edge research in more than 15 areas, from CO2 reduction to ultra-high strength concrete and 3D printing technologies.

Beatrice Ene, MD and Head of Events, Industry Link: We are honoured to have been invited to hold the event in Lyon and visit Holcim’s industry-leading Innovation Centre. Joining efforts in a global approach towards Net Zero is our core focus and our declared mission of CarbonZero as a unique event aimed at international decision makers.

Dr Edelio Bermejo, Global Head of R&D, Innovation and Intellectual Property, Holcim: Hosting a visit to our Innovation Centre will offer key-players of the construction industry the opportunity to gain an insight into how we at Holcim are focusing on circularity and sustainability all along the value chain.



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