IPR adds Toyo heavy duty slurry pumps to its line-up

Ruaan Venter, business development manager at IPR, with heavy duty Toyo DPH pump.
Ruaan Venter, business development manager at IPR, with heavy duty Toyo DPH pump.

Jet Park-based pump and dredging specialist IPR has been appointed by Toyo Pumps Europe (TPE) to market the leading Toyo heavy duty slurry pump range in southern Africa.

IPR’s established presence and reputation in the market – as well as its capacity to support customers – was the basis for TPE’s choice of IPR as its official distributor in the region, according to Edoardo Palmisano, Business Development at TPE.

Increasing sales in Africa is an important part of TPE’s development strategy, says Palmisano. Based in Belgium, TPE is a subsidiary of Japanese company Toyo Denki Industrial, which manufactures Toyo pumps. TPE manages the distribution of Toyo pumps in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

“South Africa is one of the countries we have decided to focus on,” he says. “We have appointed IPR as our distributor because it is a serious and dynamic company which is a well-known name in the pump rental and sales market.”

He also praised IPR’s “pragmatic and positive approach” – and highlighted the value of IPR not only selling Toyo pumps but also renting them to customers. The Toyo brand is recognised globally due to its high quality, robust construction and efficiency in dealing with abrasive material, offering the largest range in this type of heavy duty slurry pump.

“Africa is a continent with important economic growth potential, and the future market for our pumps is important,” he says. “We are convinced that Toyo pumps can contribute to the development of Africa, so it is time to increase the Toyo pumps presence here.”

He explains that, as one of the most advanced countries on the continent, South Africa’s potential justifies a specific effort. In particular, continued development will require growing investments in mining, construction and other industries, and will include dredging works.

“TPE is mainly present in north, western and central Africa with pumps in applications such as dredging and transporting slurries and other abrasive liquids,” says Palmisano. “We have also been selling Toyo pumps in South Africa, but not through a continuous local distribution channel.”

Ruaan Venter, Rental Development Manager at IPR, highlights the benefit to customers of having access to the Toyo range. These heavy duty slurry pumps are engineered to solids that have settled out of fluid suspension, he explains, a situation where conventional pumps often fail.

“The pumps feature a patented built-in agitator that lifts the sediments and creates a homogenous slurry mixture which enables continuous pumping of slurries with high solids concentrations,” says Venter. “Their quality and reliability, combined with IPR’s application expertise and maintenance capability, ensure a winning partnership that puts customers first.”


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