Lintec & Linnhoff prioritises aftersales support

Robert Semmler, the Service and Technical supervisor at Lintec & Linnhoff Germany.
Robert Semmler, the Service and Technical supervisor at Lintec & Linnhoff Germany.

Lintec & Linnhoff prioritises aftersales support to deliver the best customer experience possible. In this interview, Robert Semmler, Service and Technical supervisor at Lintec & Linnhoff Germany (LLG), explains what it takes to maintain a first-class product support operation.

What is your name and role?

I am Robert Semmler, the Service and Technical supervisor at Lintec & Linnhoff Germany (LLG). We focus on the European and Latin American markets, but we also support our Lintec, Linnhoff and Eurotec asphalt and concrete batching plants across the Middle East and Africa. I have been working on our plants since I joined LLG in 2008, and know just about all there is to know about them. But we still prioritise on-the-job training, so I regularly attend relevant courses and seminars to stay up-to-date on the industry. My experience over the last 25 years includes software, electrical design and technology.

Tell us about the work you are involved in?

On a day-to-day basis, I support customers with any issues they face while running our plants. I also ensure that production quantity and quality of customers’ plants are maintained. At the moment, I am also busy preparing to commission four asphalt mixing plants that have shipped to customer projects in Poland and Brazil. My service team also provides tech support online and by phone to our customers to ensure the smooth commissioning of our plants.

How would you describe your experience with customers?

Most customers will contact me directly for tech support. I provide them with direct and immediate solutions for spare parts and services. Whenever solutions are not available via online portals, I go to the customer’s site to find a solution with them.

How would you summarise your role and what feedback do you get from customers?

My work is spread across our product lines, and that is what makes it interesting and exciting. Of course, at times the job can get tiring, especially if I am working past midnight remotely to get plants up and running for clients in South America or the Caribbean.

But the positive feedback we receive from operators and owners makes it all worthwhile. That is why we do it. Customers know with Lintec & Linnhoff they will be looked after and that their plants will be taken care of.

What is the most memorable project you have been involved with?

Two projects immediately come to mind. The first was in Norway with a new Lintec CSE3000 containerised asphalt mixing plant. It is the largest and most significant project I have managed during my time with Lintec & Linnhoff. But we had to run the commissioning during the COVID pandemic, so it was a challenge. Ultimately, we got the plant installed as requested, and the feedback was very positive.

The second project was an installation in the United Arab Emirates. We were trying to convince a customer who had a hard time deciding between several options of concrete plants. When we presented our Lintec CC3000D containerised concrete batching plant, the customer immediately saw that it would meet their project requirements in terms of capacity and quality. The client was very pleased when we produced high-quality concrete for the Jumeirah Islands project from four plants and at a capacity of 240 m³/h per plant.

How would you describe the regions you cover?

There is a lot of difference between the regions I work in, both in terms of local legislation, working standards not to mention the weather. In Western Europe, for example, technical and safety-related requirements are very high. The same goes for Eastern Europe, although the asphalt mixes they prefer there are different. In Latin America, only a few specific asphalt mixes are used, whereas in Europe there are over 100. This always requires different system settings.

The focus in Europe is very much on emissions and energy-related features. The same is becoming increasingly important in Latin America. However, one thing all regions have in common is that customers want their systems to work without problems and with high quality output without any downtime. And we are dedicated to making sure that happens so our customers enjoy the highest profitability.

What do you like to do when you are not at work?

I spend all my free time with my three wonderful daughters. We play games, travel or visit our extended family.







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