Martin Engineering’s “Go Pink!” campaign expands to conveyor products

Pink inspection doors and twist tensioners bring colour to an otherwise grey aesthetic.
Pink inspection doors and twist tensioners bring colour to an otherwise grey aesthetic.

Martin Engineering has announced this year’s annual programme to support breast cancer education, screening, treatment and research around the world. Continuing its commitment during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the United States, Martin Engineering has invited customers to “Go Pink!” for the month of October, along with replacing the traditional Martin orange paint scheme on truck vibrators, the company will add the option of conveyor guarding, twist tensioners and inspection doors to Go Pink as well.

This is to honour all those affected by the deadly disease which has touched so many Martin employees and their families. By merely saying, “Make mine pink” when purchasing of the company’s popular Cougar DC truck vibrator or Cougar THD hydraulic vibrator, Martin Engineering will donate a portion of its sales revenue to support the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

“Since 2017, this popular campaign has allowed Martin Engineering to donate almost US$50 000 to the Susan G Komen organisation,” says Vibration business development manager, Susie Orlandi.  “Every contribution supports those in need today, while the researchers continue their work for a cure.

“With over 900 employees worldwide, we are a family-owned company that is all too familiar with the impact breast cancer has on individuals, families, friends, colleagues and communities,” she continues. “It affects such a large number of people that just about all of us have been touched by it in some way.”

That’s why this programme also garners huge support from the staff. In addition to its donations, Martin Engineering hosts a team in Komen Peoria’s More Than Pink Walk to raise awareness and encourage individual contributions to this worthy cause. “Every step is one step closer to a cure,” Orlandi says. “Whether it’s with the helpline, financial support or assisting patients in navigating their care journey, we trust the Komen Foundation to support patients and families. Funds go directly to support breakthrough research and provide help for the women and men facing breast cancer.”

Since its formation in 1982, the Susan G. Komen foundation has raised over US$3-billion in more than 60 countries. With a mission of supporting those with the fewest resources, it has helped to reduce breast cancer-related deaths by an estimated 40%. The organisation has played a critical role in virtually every major advance to combat breast cancer – transforming how the world talks about and treats the disease and helping millions of breast cancer patients become cancer survivors.

According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, about one in every eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime, along with thousands of men.  The organisation has contributed to several breakthroughs including the identification of genetic links, less-invasive surgical techniques and advanced drug therapies, as well as advocating for more federal funding of additional research and early detection programmes.

“Every year, our customers generously join us in this fight, placing orders to contribute to its success,” Orlandi adds.  “Programmes like this allow the pink colour scheme to represent the cause year-round, generating awareness and getting people talking.”

Along with the colour change, the equipment retains the same high-quality standards. Discharging heavy and often compacted material from dump trucks, hopper rail cars, and other vehicles can require a lot of vibration power in a punishing environment putting high demands on equipment.  Operators choose Cougar DC Truck Vibrators and Cougar THD Hydraulic Vibrators to replace OEM vibrators that tend to have a limited service life. Reliable and durable truck vibrators like the DC and THD reduce manual labour and downtime while ensuring the safe evacuation of cargo.  Faster unloading increases the number of trips by operators, improves efficiency and reduces the cost of operation.

To further boost awareness, all the Cougar DC Truck Vibrators or Cougar THD Hydraulic Vibrators ordered in October will be painted pink unless orange is requested. In addition, conveyor guarding, twist tensioners and inspection doors will also be included as items customers can choose to order in the pink colour scheme.


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