Maximising energy efficiency through premium lubrication

ISO-Reliability Partners distributes premium US lubrication brand Bel-Ray.
ISO-Reliability Partners distributes premium US lubrication brand Bel-Ray.

A trend in industry is to chase after price when considering lubricant purchases. The resulting inability of the lubricant to eliminate metal-to-metal contact has adverse effects on equipment performance, operating cost and ultimately productivity.

“Significant performance improvements can be achieved when lubricants are treated as assets,” comments Craig FitzGerald from ISO-Reliability Partners. The company holds distribution rights for premium US lubrication brands Bel-Ray and Royal Purple.

“Both are phenomenal lubricant grades that significantly improve energy efficiency on large industrial equipment,” says FitzGerald. Another United States manufactured product it distributes is Seal Saver, a breakthrough in preventative maintenance tools for hydraulic cylinders. ISO-Reliability Partners is the sole exclusive distributor for Seal Saver hydraulic cylinder protection solutions.

Energy efficiency is increasingly important for industry to reduce its carbon footprint and protect the environment. Premium lubrication can be leveraged to cut costs and extend the mean-time-between-failures, while simultaneously reducing the environmental impact of the operation. Traditionally, many businesses have focused on price when purchasing lubricants, opting for the cheapest product, and considering this to be a cost-effective strategy.

However, such an approach will certainly increase costs in the medium to long term. This is because cheaper lubricants often fail to provide the necessary protection against metal-to-metal contact. They essentially cause equipment to wear out more quickly, resulting in higher operating costs and lower productivity.

Premium lubricants such as Bel-Ray and Royal Purple provide superior protection against wear and tear, extending the lifespan of equipment and reducing the need for costly repairs. They are also formulated to reduce friction and improve energy efficiency, helping businesses reduce total energy consumption and operating costs.

One of the key benefits of premium lubricants is their ability to reduce friction between moving parts. This friction generates heat and is a loss of energy and causes components to wear out more quickly. Premium lubricants are formulated to provide a protective layer between moving parts, reducing the risk of damage and extending the lifespan of equipment. In addition to selecting the correct lubricant, companies can bolster efficiency even further by carrying out regular maintenance on equipment to ensure it operates at peak performance.

ISO-Reliability Partners is an own emblem manufacturer (OEM) of class-leading micro fine oil filtration solutions, vacuum dehydration systems, automated water removal for compressed air, and high efficiency industrial air scrubbing. Its expertise combines the sciences of lubrication, filtration, and tribology. “We offer unique and dramatic cost-reduction solutions for our customers,” says FitzGerald.

It has the capability to analyse in-operation oil samples and implement proactive measures to counter machine wear as part of predictive maintenance. The company’s reputation and success span 25 years, with it owning and managing the iconic Filter Focus brand, and FitzGerald having incorporated all his intellectual property into the new company.

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