Meeting Africa’s growing demand for vibrating screens and feeders

Sandvik Rock Processing’s ability to deliver custom-engineered screening solutions positions the company as a pivotal player across Africa.
Sandvik Rock Processing’s ability to deliver custom-engineered screening solutions positions the company as a pivotal player across Africa.

Across the diverse commodities landscape of Africa, the demand for vibrating screens and feeders is on the rise. Sandvik Rock Processing, a prominent player in the industry, has observed a noticeable surge in brownfields projects aimed at replacing existing equipment in various operations.

Frengelina Mabotja, business line manager Screening Solutions at Sandvik Rock Processing, attributes this increased interest to the company’s strong reputation for delivering fit-for-purpose screens and feeders meticulously engineered to meet specific application requirements.

As one of the leading original equipment manufacturers (OEM) specialising in screening solutions on the African continent, Sandvik Rock Processing stands out with its capability to provide optimised solutions that comprehensively consider every aspect of a process plant’s operation. Mabotja says that at the core of this capability lies the company’s formidable engineering team, playing a pivotal role in tailoring solutions to meet the unique needs of each customer.

“Unlike a one-size-fits-all approach, Sandvik Rock Processing takes a customised approach, recognising that each process plant possesses a distinct configuration and processes ore with its own characteristics. In essence, we position ourselves as a partner to our customers, offering bespoke screening solutions tailored to their specific operational requirements,” she explains.

One of the critical aspects of this tailored approach involves on-site inspections, R&D and close collaboration to ensure that replacement equipment not only meet but also exceed the required throughput. Sandvik Rock Processing often finds itself replacing competitor products that failed to meet operational criteria.

“In such instances,” Mabotja says, “delivering a solution that seamlessly fits within the existing footprint of the process plant while also achieving the necessary process requirements is where the company excels. This flexibility and adaptability are key strengths that set Sandvik Rock Processing apart in the industry.”

Backing this strength is the company’s extensive local manufacturing facility capable of delivering products with relatively short lead times. This capability ensures that customers’ needs are met promptly, minimising downtime and maximising operational efficiency.

Recent replacement projects undertaken by Sandvik Rock Processing span a range of commodities, including iron ore, diamonds, gold and platinum applications. This diverse portfolio underscores the company’s versatility and expertise in addressing the specific screening challenges posed by different commodities.

The demand for Sandvik Rock Processing’s expertise extends beyond the borders of Africa. Enquiries via the Sandvik network from across the globe further attest to the company’s reputation as a trusted provider of screening solutions.

Crucially, in addition to their products, Mabotja also emphasises the importance of customer support. Sandvik’s extensive network of operations in Africa and beyond provides customers with the assurance that proactive customer support is available whenever needed.

“Our ability to deliver custom-engineered screening solutions, coupled with a solid commitment to providing outstanding customer support, positions us as a pivotal player in meeting the growing demand for vibrating screens and feeders across Africa’s diverse commodities landscape,” Mabotja concludes. As the industry continues to evolve, Sandvik Rock Processing’s tailored solutions and expertise are set to play a central role in enhancing operational efficiency and productivity for their valued customers.


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