Mines can save big with Clear Gear lubricant

Bel-Ray Clear Gear Clear from ISO-Reliability Partners is a new generation high viscosity lubricant.
Bel-Ray Clear Gear Clear from ISO-Reliability Partners is a new generation high viscosity lubricant.

Mines can save R500 000 or more on their annual mill cleaning costs, while electricity consumption can be reduced by up to 12% and lubricant consumption lowered up by up to 60% when using Bel-Ray Clear Gear lubricant.

“Today’s mines and heavy industries should be relying on superior high-performance lubricants to protect their equipment from breaking down in extreme operating conditions,” explains Craig FitzGerald from ISO-Reliability Partners. “Clear Gear sets a new benchmark for reliability and efficiency in the mining and mineral processing industries.”

It has been specifically formulated by Bel-Ray tribologists and mining specialists to provide superior lubrication for open gear drive systems used in mills, kilns, driers and similar equipment. The lubricant is available in five grades, namely light, medium, standard, heavy and extra heavy.

It is formulated to operate in the hydrodynamic mode of lubrication, with gear teeth protected by a thick, durable oil film that virtually eliminates metal-to-metal contact. Bel-Ray Clear Gear is suited for intermittent spray, immersion and idler lubrication equipment.

Clear Gear is a new generation high viscosity lubricant, providing a highly tenacious nine-micron hydrodynamic layer between intermeshing gear sets. We effectively reduce vibration, frictional forces and drag on the motor, resulting in a lower amperage draw to achieve the same level of production. Lower operating temperatures are immediately noted while on average a 12% reduction in electricity consumption is gained, explains FitzGerald. Less friction means less gear wear and lower cost of operation.

The lubricant has proven to clean built-up grease from girth gear and pinions and to rapidly restore gear teeth to a ‘like new’ level of cleanliness. After only ten days of continuous use, mining customers will see dramatic differences in the cleanliness of gears, roots and shrouds. “This assists in lowering annual cleaning costs and can significantly improve the lifecycle of your assets,” says FitzGerald.

ISO-Reliability Partners provides an exceptional level of service, thermal analysis and performance monitoring of large open gearing systems. Support services are strengthened with in-depth reporting on oil analysis and tribological wear analysis of lubricated components. It provides unmatched results and considerable peace of mind to its customers.

ISO-Reliability Partners combines the sciences of lubrication, filtration and tribology to offer unique and dramatic cost-reduction solutions for its customers. The company’s reputation and success span 25 years, with it owning and managing the iconic Filter Focus brand, and Craig having incorporated all his intellectual property into the new company.

It holds distribution rights for premium US lubrication brands Bel-Ray and Royal Purple. “Both are phenomenal lubricant grades that significantly improve energy efficiency on large equipment,” says FitzGerald.

Another USA manufactured product it distributes is Seal Saver, a breakthrough in preventative maintenance tools for hydraulic cylinders. ISO-Reliability Partners is the sole exclusive distributor for Seal Saver hydraulic cylinder protection solutions.

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