New accident investigation guideline for surface miners

Nico Pienaar, director of ASPASA.
Nico Pienaar, director of ASPASA.

As part of its drive for zero harm, surface mining industry association, ASPASA, has released a comprehensive best practice guideline to help its members deal with accidents and properly document the findings to avoid similar incidents in future.

Said to be one of the most comprehensive procedural documents available from the association, the new accident investigation guideline provides mines with steps to be taken in the event of accidents, regardless of the magnitude of the incident.

Nico Pienaar, director of ASPASA, says the document has been made available to all interested parties to help the industry maximise safety at operations. It can also be downloaded from the ASPASA website for free. Various other safety workshops and discussions are also available on the ASPASA YouTube channel.

“Accident investigation is an important part of any safety management system. Without a detailed and thorough investigation, management has no true knowledge of the reasons why accidents occur and how to prevent reoccurrence,” says Pienaar.

“The idea is to give management a tool to use in the heat of the moment, especially when there is still confusion and uncertainty around the event. Under these circumstances, the easy-to-understand document can ensure that all the necessary procedures are taken timeously,” adds Pienaar.













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