New Anaconda DF514 scalping screen packs a punch across applications

Amid increased demand for compact scalping screens, largely driven by the contractor fraternity, Vermeer Equipment Suppliers is introducing the Anaconda DF514 tracked mobile scalping screen to the local market. Capable of processing tonnages of up to 375 tonnes per hour (tph), the machine packs a punch across applications, writes Munesu Shoko.
Vermeer Equipment Suppliers is launching the Anaconda DF514 compact scalping screen in the local market.

Having initially launched the larger DF518 scalping screen, Vermeer Equipment Suppliers, the authorised distributor of the Anaconda crushing and screening range in sub-Sahara Africa, is bringing a compact model to the local market. In a one-on-one with Quarrying Africa, sales manager Shaun O’Toole says the first unit of this compact model will arrive between March and April this year.

Capable of processing up to 375 tph depending on the application, the DF514 fits the bill for entry level and mid-level contractor markets. Its ability to be deployed across applications, including recycling, quarrying and coal processing, among others, ticks the much-needed versatility box for this group of customers.

According to O’Toole, the DF514 is globally one of the most popular Anaconda screens. “The DF514 has proven over the years to be one of the most robust and reliable compact scalping screens available on the market. Fully equipped with a 4,27 x 1,52 m double deck screenbox, the machine has one of the longest screen boxes in the compact screening segment,” he says. “It comes with either a belt or apron feeder, depending on customer preference. However, we highly recommend the apron feeder option for our local customers.”

The DF514 is one of the most popular Anaconda screens globally.

Value proposition

Apart from its versatility, the DF514 offers contractors greater value for money. Its compact size means it is easy to transport between jobsites, making it easy for nomadic contractors to move from one job to another. The machine comes with transport dimensions of 13,6 m length x 3 m width x 3,4 m height.

Set-up is simple and the machine can be up and running within 20 minutes of delivery. Commissioning is made easy by the hydraulic controls designed to position and guide all the conveyors and screen box.

“The machine weighs in at 27 000 kg in an apron feeder configuration, about 7 000 kg less than the larger DF518 model. Yet it is still capable of producing the same tonnages of up to 375 tph. This means that customers can still achieve the same production capacity with a much smaller machine which is easy to transport, comes at a much lower price point and is efficient to run. This, we believe, will be a key selling point for the DF514,” he says.

When it comes to uptime, the unit has hydraulic folding hopper sides as standard, a hydraulic screen angle adjustable from 15-19°, a hydraulic screenbox raise/lower for ease of mesh change, and wired remote as standard; (radio remote is optional).

All the service points of the machine are easily accessible. There is no need to strip the machine to reach certain components, thus service-related downtime is minimal. It is an easy machine to use and service; it’s a simple screen with no complicated electronics.

“The Anaconda product is robust, yet easy to operate and service, which is key for African contractors who often find themselves operating in remote locations,” he says. “On close inspection, one can see the attention to detail with little things such as collars around the clamp bar bolt heads to make change-out easier – something that operators in the field will appreciate.”

Fully equipped with a 4,27 x 1,52 m double deck screenbox, the machine has one of the longest screen boxes in the compact screening segment.

Gaining traction

Following the arrival of the first Anaconda machines last year, O’Toole says the brand is gaining much-needed traction in the local market. Two machines, a J12 jaw crusher and a DF518 scalping screen, are currently hard at work in a coal application, and have performed beyond expectations to date.

“Thus far, the coal industry has shown great interest in these particular products. We have had several enquiries already, and judging from the attention given to date, we are confident that we will be able to deliver more machines this year,” he says. “With the arrival of the DF514, we are even more confident that the range will garner more interest in the market.”

A good product, says O’Toole, is only as good its service. Backup support is the most important consideration in this industry, especially given the importance of machine uptime in the contracting fraternity. “Contractors need to maximise uptime to be able to earn money,” he says.

“Our track record when it comes to the provision of parts and services speaks for itself. Vermeer Equipment Suppliers has established itself for the past 20 years as a reliable partner with strong relationship building and dedication to its customers,” concludes O’Toole.

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