New Wacker Neuson dealer for Mauritius

From left: Siris Apajee, Dave & Gail Alcock and Pascal Manique with some of the Wacker Neuson equipment.
From left: Siris Apajee, Dave & Gail Alcock and Pascal Manique with some of the Wacker Neuson equipment.

Wacker Neuson Sub-Saharan Africa has appointed Yellow Metal Machine Rental Ltd as its dealer in Mauritius.

“We are extremely excited to explore the new market that Mauritius presents to us through our partnership with Dave and his team,” says Dennis Vietze, MD of Wacker Neuson Sub-Saharan Africa. “There is an installed base of Wacker Neuson machines on the island and these customers, plus of course all new customers, can now count on direct professional support for their machines from the Yellow Metal Machine Rental team.”

Dave Alcock, MD of Yellow Metal Machine Rental Ltd, was looking to open a business in another country to mirror the success of his road construction company in Pietermaritzburg, Kwa-Zulu Natal. While attending board meetings in Mauritius on behalf of his business venture in West Africa, he saw great potential for machine rentals and sales, especially in the construction sector, and gained an understanding of the island’s unique business culture. He opened his Mauritian machine rental business in 2018.

The robust construction industry in Mauritius is primarily fuelled by financial services and tourism demand. The constant arrival of people from various corners of the globe seeking business opportunities and retirement options has further catalysed the expansion of residential projects and subsequent infrastructure development on the island.

“Mauritius is not without its challenges and it’s not easy to enter this market,” says Alcock. He explains that you have to earn your customers respect and trust by providing added value. “The best way to build a solid reputation of trust is by supplying superior quality, world-class products and excellent aftermarket support.”

Alcock initially started in Mauritius with four large excavators, purchased from various suppliers. However, these machines were costly to maintain and were heavy on fuel, an expensive commodity in Mauritius, prompting him to change his business model. Wanting to replace these large machines, Dave was now in the market for smaller, premium brand, fuel-efficient equipment to meet the rental requirements of primarily compaction and excavation applications.

“I do not necessarily buy equipment based on price. I look at the quality, reliability, parts and spares availability, and most importantly, the technical back-up,” says Alcock. Wacker Neuson ticked every box so Alcock purchased two vibrating plates which he gave to three of his biggest customers to try out for a week, free of charge, to test market sentiment. “The machine is phenomenal and the best we have ever used!’, was some of the feedback I received, convincing me that a Wacker Neuson dealer partnership was the only way forward.”

Alcock went on to purchase another seven Wacker Neuson machines – a forward-reversible vibrating plate, two RD pedestrian rollers and four rammers. “We visit our customers every second day, doing lubricant checks, etc. to show that our after-market support matches the quality of our machines.”

Alcock is looking at buying a 3,5 t mini-excavator from Wacker Neuson in the near future. “This is a highly efficient, low fuel consuming, compact and light machine that can be transported on the back of a truck, is easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces and its rubber tracks can cross virtually any terrain without causing damage – a perfect fit for our market.”

Electric equipment is still a relatively new technology in Mauritius and has not yet taken off as well as electric cars. Once Alcock has built his business, he says he will look at investing in Wacker Neuson’s electric products using the same winning formula of allowing customers to try them out. “With a big environmental drive on the island, there is undoubtedly synergy. My plan is to kit out a container as a charging station with backup batteries which can be conveniently placed on site.”

From offices based in the industrial zone of Geoffroy in the Bambous District, Alcock and his team are able to service customers across the entire island, with the furthest located areas only an hour away. Yellow Metal’s technician is a petrol and diesel engine specialist who maintains and services the Wacker Neuson equipment. If they are unable to repair on-site, the customer is supplied with a rental unit at no cost to ensure continued operation.

There are a few Wacker Neuson machines in the Seychelles which is incorporated into Yellow Metal’s territory. Once the Wacker Neuson brand is well established in Mauritius, Alcock plans to see how they can support customers there from Mauritius.

“With such immense potential on our doorstep, we will double down to grow the business and build brand trust by generating sales and rentals, delivering on promises, expanding resources, and reinvesting in the company and the island,” says Alcock. “It’s a privilege to represent Wacker Neuson in Mauritius and we are incredibly proud to have the Wacker Neuson name next to ours. It’s the right brand to show that we are capable of delivering everything that a customer can expect from a premium supplier and we are confident of our success. The combination of quality Wacker Neuson equipment and the excellent support provided by my dedicated, passionate, and competent team is what ultimately sells machines and that is the success story of Yellow Metal Machine Rental Ltd.”

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