Paying tribute to Werner Baller

Werner Baller (1940-2023), founder of Weba Chute Systems.
Werner Baller (1940-2023), founder of Weba Chute Systems.

Weba Chute Systems has paid tribute to Werner Baller, founder of the company, who passed away on 15 December 2023, leaving behind him a remarkable legacy.

Werner, born in 1940 in Brotdhof, West Germany, embarked on a journey that not only changed his life but also revolutionised the bulk material handling industry across the world. With his National Diploma in Ceramic Engineering from Koblens / Rhein, Hoergrenshausen, Werner’s pursuit of excellence took him to South Africa in 1965, marking the beginning of a remarkable legacy.

The rise of Weba Chute Systems

In 1983, Werner’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to acquire a small mining supply firm, M&J Engineering. His visionary approach transformed this company into Weba Chute Systems, a global leader in custom engineered chute systems for bulk material transfer. Werner’s innovative mindset resulted in the development of nine patented products, including the groundbreaking Weba Chute System, which revolutionised the industry with its unique ‘super tube’ or cascade design.

A legacy beyond engineering

Werner was more than an entrepreneur and engineer; he was a beloved family man known for his passion, integrity and unconditional love. His legacy extends beyond his professional achievements, embodying the values of honesty and dedication in every aspect of his life.

Continuing the legacy

Today, Weba Chute Systems, under the leadership of Werner’s son, Mark Baller, continues to be an industry leader, exemplifying the innovation and quality that Werner instilled. His induction into the International Mining Technology Hall of Fame in 2018 is a testament to his enduring impact on the industry.

A tribute to a true pioneer

Werner’s journey from a small German town to the pinnacle of engineering innovation is a story of determination, ingenuity and unwavering commitment. His contributions have left an indelible mark on the mining and engineering industries, and his legacy will continue to inspire future generations.

“As we bid farewell to a remarkable man, we remember Werner Baller not only for his professional achievements but for the profound personal impact he had on those around him. His life’s work stands as a beacon of entrepreneurial spirit and engineering excellence.


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