Putting people at the core of PDS implementation

PDS technology will continue to develop, however Booyco Electronics believes that managing the human side of change is essential. 
PDS technology will continue to develop, however Booyco Electronics believes that managing the human side of change is essential. 

Amid increased focus to roll out Proximity Detection Systems (PDS) in line with the gazetted regulations, PDS specialist Booyco Electronics advises that mines should place value on ‘the people element’ to ensure the intended benefits and objectives of implementing the technology are realised.

Anton Lourens, CEO of Booyco Electronics, believes that the people aspect is the most important part of the PDS implementation journey, or any other new technology in general. Effective change management therefore minimises potential resistance and ensures a smoother transition.

The success or failure of any technological implementation depends, to a greater extent, on the effectiveness of the organisation’s change management strategy. The change management process, says Lourens, should involve not only those at the ‘coal face’ but also other key stakeholders such as management and executives to ensure understanding and seamless integration across the whole organisation.

“Employees’ willingness to adopt new tools in their day-to-day operations plays a key role in the overall success of the technology. It is important for people who use the technology to understand its purpose, benefits, capabilities and expected outcomes, which increase buy-in and user adoption, that are key to overall project success,” says Lourens.

Booyco Electronics’ change management process helps mines get the most value out of their PDS investments, while also keeping personnel engaged and motivated. The first step, explains Lourens, entails a technical readiness assessment to understand how the technology will impact the mine in question. This often involves wide ranging engagement with the engineering and mining departments to explain the capabilities of the technology – what it can and what it cannot do.

Once the technological capabilities have been defined, aligned to the mine’s Risk Assessments, the company starts with the provision of detailed training for employees to grasp why the mine is investing in the technology and how it works.

“In addition, Booyco Electronics offers continuous refresher training courses in line with the identified needs of the mine. Based on the feedback from the mine, there is also a continuous optimisation process which helps support the ongoing success of the technology,” concludes Lourens.

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