Revolutionising Africa’s development through water infrastructure

Kgomotso Lekola, Founder and Group MD of BT Industrial.
Kgomotso Lekola, Founder and Group MD of BT Industrial.

BT Industrial, a pioneering science and engineering company specialising in the design and manufacturing of HDPE pipes and water treatment plants, is vocal about the pivotal role of robust water infrastructure in Africa’s development. Kgomotso Lekola, Founder and Group MD of BT Industrial, emphasises the pressing need for substantial investments in sound water delivery and management systems to meet Africa’s developmental goals.

The significance of water infrastructure

Lekola draws attention to the historical importance of well-managed water systems in ancient societies like Rome, Mesopotamia, and Egypt, highlighting their link to societal success. He stresses the critical role of water infrastructure in societal advancement and attributes the decline of these ancient states to the mismanagement of water-related systems.

With Africa’s population projected to reach close to 2,5-billion by 2050 and one in three Africans currently affected by water scarcity, investing in water infrastructure becomes an urgent priority.

Challenges and opportunities

Amid the surge in Africa’s population and subsequent water demand, BT Industrial foresees significant growth in infrastructure funding and investment. Lekola underscores the importance of making careful engineering choices to prevent severe consequences for both public and private sectors.

To address these challenges, BT Industrial focuses on engineering solutions tailored specifically for African conditions, manufacturing HDPE pipes and developing water treatment plants designed for the continent’s unique needs.

Vision for development

ZIMEC 2023, a prominent platform for the mining industry in Zambia, offers BT Industrial an opportunity to share its vision and capabilities. Lekola emphasises the need for sound infrastructure to support investments in Zambian mining, stressing that the strategic intent of investments should align with delivering properly engineered solutions that foster societal development and economic growth.

Empowering regional cooperation and development

At the conference, Lekola and Mekgwe Mfolo (CEO BTI -Engineering & Pipe Systems) will engage in a panel discussion with regional cabinet ministers and a representative from the African Union, focusing on regional cooperation for water infrastructure. They will highlight the necessity for capable partners on the ground to execute fitting water infrastructure projects across the region.

Investment in local capacity building

BT Industrial’s commitment to the region is evident through its investment in a manufacturing facility in Lusaka, Zambia. By establishing a factory, the company aims to support Zambia’s developmental goals and bolster local capacity.

Distributed infrastructure

A departure from traditional centralized approaches, BT Industrial advocates for distributed infrastructure, emphasising the importance of entities like mines and shopping centres having their water treatment plants. This strategy alleviates pressure on centralised systems, allowing governments to focus on delivering services to underserved communities. The company has already successfully implemented distributed infrastructure projects, yielding substantial returns for businesses and reducing strain on centralised systems.

BT Industrial’s unwavering commitment to engineering sustainable, region-specific solutions positions the company as a key player in advancing Africa’s water infrastructure. By fostering collaboration, investing in local capacity, and advocating for distributed infrastructure, BT Industrial aims to drive substantial change and lay the foundation for Africa’s sustainable development.


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