Robust HVAC systems for mining, earthmoving now on shorter lead times

Booyco Engineering now offers a standard HVAC range that is available at short notice.
Booyco Engineering now offers a standard HVAC range that is available at short notice.

With a solid reputation for built-to-order heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) systems for mobile mining and earthmoving equipment, Booyco Engineering has now cut the lead time on these systems in line with trends in mining.

“The market has shifted, and mines can no longer afford any downtime on the HVAC units in their mining trucks and other earthmoving equipment,” says Grant Miller, Executive Director at Booyco Engineering. “Our strategy has kept pace with a standard HVAC range that is available at short notice.”

Miller highlights the stringent health and safety environment in mining, where it is mandatory to provide a comfortable working environment for operators. In open pit operations in hot areas of the country, it is not unusual for temperatures to rise above 40 degrees Celsius, he notes.

“The impact of an HVAC system failing under these conditions can be significant, as it could take the entire vehicle out of the operation cycle,” he says. “The negative effect on production – perhaps even triggering penalties for contractors – invariably has financial consequences much more serious than the cost of cooling the operator’s cab.”

Booyco Engineering is well known for the cooling performance and long lifespan of its HVAC units, and customers are sure to appreciate not having to compromise on their expectations when procuring units under time pressure.

“We have applied strategies to ensure that the same levels of engineering excellence are applied to each HVAC unit that we supply,” he says. “Unlike many imported products, our units are designed and manufactured to facilitate regular and ongoing maintenance – which makes them very reliable and extends their life well beyond what customers expect from most of our competitors.”

Going forward, Booyco Engineering will maintain a stockholding of fast moving spare parts allowing ready access which is especially relevant for customers with larger earthmoving fleets and will reduce lead times.

The standard HVAC units come in a modular integrated format as well as split systems, to suit a wide range of mobile equipment. Depending on the application, the integrated unit is available with either an engine-driven compressor or a 24VDC electric compressor. Booyco Engineering’s trained and experienced service teams are there to install and maintain the units, and the company can also provide a ‘man on site’ package to oversee HVAC maintenance and repair.



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