Rokbak identifies articulated hauler market needs in Europe

Paul Culliford, Rokbak Regional Sales Manager EMEA, manages territories across Europe.
Paul Culliford, Rokbak Regional Sales Manager EMEA, manages territories across Europe.

Rokbak has consolidated a solid reputation with customers across Europe in key territories such as France and Germany, with its robust and reliable articulated haulers together with strong parts and service support, explains Paul Culliford, Rokbak Regional Sales Manager EMEA.

Rokbak’s easy to operate and maintain articulated haulers, and quality aftersales support, are meeting the needs of large-scale construction and infrastructure projects across Europe.

Both France and Germany have remained steady ADT markets since articulated hauler manufacturer, and member of the Volvo Group, Rokbak rebranded in 2021. In the year prior to the Rokbak launch, there were around 200 units sold across all brands within the French articulated hauler market. Since then, annual unit numbers increased and have remained steady at around 280. In Germany, unit numbers were hovering around 150 in 2021, but increased in excess of 30% the following year and have subsequently stayed at this level.

“When it comes to desired articulated hauler needs, customers in France and Germany are typically looking for the same thing,” explains Paul Culliford, Rokbak Regional Sales Manager EMEA. “They want low total cost of ownership (TCO) and a good price to performance ratio – which our RA30 and RA40 deliver. The truck needs to be easy to maintain and fuel efficient, with connected services for operation monitoring and reduced idle time.

“Machine owners also need to keep operators happy – operators who want a comfortable, spacious cab in which to work from, with ride control and independent front suspension.”

“Construction, infrastructure, quarries and mines are the predominant applications in both France and Germany,” explains Culliford. “Articulated haulers can be used across different environments, offering manoeuvrability and excelling at hauling material over rough terrain. The 30 tonne trucks are a major part of the French and German ADT markets due to ease of transportation to sites.”

In 2023, the French construction market was valued at around £300 billion (€350-billion). In Germany it was valued at £200-billion (€225-billion). These important markets are seeing massive projects taking place – ideal canvases for robust and reliable equipment that delivers high productivity with low TCO.

In east-central France the Turin–Lyon high-speed railway remains under construction, while the Grand Paris Express will provide France’s capital city with over 120 miles of new tracks, four new underground lines and 68 new metro stations. In Germany, the A45 Motorway Rahmede Viaduct Redevelopment will involve the construction of a new bridge in North Rhine-Westphalia, while the A-Nord HVDC Transmission Line will see the installation of a high-voltage power system in the north-west of the country.

“We have a long-term plan in France and Germany, and Rokbak will be appearing at events across Europe over the year, exhibiting the trucks and engaging with customers and dealers,” says Culliford. “With the backing of the Volvo Group – and the investment that has brought to our products, facilities and people – and large construction projects ahead, we are expanding our presence in many different European countries and continuing to build brand awareness.”

Culliford has over two decades’ experience in the articulated hauler industry, re-joining Rokbak in 2022 after a previous tenure. As Rokbak Regional Sales Manager EMEA, he manages territories across the Middle East and Africa alongside western, southern and central Europe, which also encompasses several Balkan states. Since the end of last year, he also supports parts of Latin America.

Rokbak trucks can be found working in diverse applications and locations across Culliford’s territory, including at a gravel pit for an earthworks specialist in Germany, in a waste management application in Croatia and at a road construction company in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

With fluency in English, French, German and Spanish, Culliford is well-placed to work and communicate efficiently across targeted territories to increase awareness of the Rokbak brand and assist customers and dealers.

“The RA30 and RA40 provide industry-leading performance and power,” concludes Culliford. “They are extremely reliable machines and easy to maintain and operate – factors that are very much appreciated by our customers.”



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