Rokbak increases presence in the United States

Dan Meara, with nearly 25 years in the construction industry, is Rokbak Regional Sales Manager, overseeing 15 states from Florida to New Mexico.
Dan Meara, with nearly 25 years in the construction industry, is Rokbak Regional Sales Manager, overseeing 15 states from Florida to New Mexico.

Rokbak regional sales manager in North America, Dan Meara, explains the burgeoning profile of Rokbak and its RA30 and RA40 articulated haulers in the United States, the largest articulated dump truck (ADT) market in the world.

Over half of all articulated haulers that leave Scotland-based ADT manufacturer Rokbak’s Motherwell factory are currently destined for North America. The United Staes is the leading ADT market, with huge infrastructure spend and significant construction activity around house and road building across many of its 50 states.

“Right now, in certain states, you can’t turn your head without seeing construction,” says Meara. “The United States leads demand due to substantial infrastructure spending related to housing and road development, and we are seeing Rokbak’s presence grow in the nation via these extensive construction activities.”

The total articulated truck market for North America is usually around 3 500 units. However, the market recently exceeded 5 000 units over a rolling 12-month period, with the total global market exceeding 10 000 units in the same period.

“Rokbak is stronger than ever following the rebrand in 2021 and becoming part of the Volvo Group in 2014,” states Meara. “The Rokbak rebrand led to accelerated demand in North America. Customers instantly liked the new name and colour, and awareness of these straight-forward, dependable trucks and all the benefits they offer continues to grow among end-users throughout the United States. The best thing we ever did was change our image and become part of the Volvo family.”

Sites where Rokbak trucks can currently be found in the US territories Meara covers include levee projects, a multi-year housing project and a Tennessee quarry. The 28 tonne (t) Rokbak RA30 articulated hauler is the predominant product in the United States due to size and ease of transportation to sites, particularly across state lines. However, sand and gravel quarry applications are where the larger capacity 38-t RA40 articulated dump truck really shines.

“Our trucks are very simple to operate,” says Meara. “You can see, even in the demonstration stage, the operator appreciates the ease-of-use the Rokbak truck offers and how each ADT is designed to boost productivity and make the job at hand as easy as possible.”

Equipped with safety features such as stability systems with traction control, body tip inhibits and advanced braking mechanisms, Rokbak trucks ensure a secure working environment. High-level, user-friendly retardation systems found in Rokbak trucks facilitate control of the machine and allow the operator to manage the safety and speed of the hauler, and a planetary gear transmission increases operator comfort.

Meara has been in the industry for almost a quarter of a century, starting out in the construction business selling concrete and asphalt paving equipment. Joining Rokbak in 2016, his role as regional sales manager now covers a huge territory that encompasses 15 states in south-central United States, stretching from Florida, as far north as Missouri and Kansas, all the way out west to New Mexico.

Texas and Florida are key regions. Approximately 50% of all Rokbak trucks in the United States are currently distributed in these two states. Construction jobs are being created in most areas of the country but here, in the second and third most populous states, respectively, it is at another level. According to April 2024 employment data analysis by the Associated General Contractors of America, 39 states had seen construction job growth over the previous 12 months, and they are led by Texas and Florida.

“With Texas, you have a country in itself,” says Meara, “It’s so important to continue to make our mark in and work alongside this accelerated growth. We are enjoying the upswing.”

In any given month, Meara spends around three weeks on the road, reinforcing an expansive and ever-growing dealer network and promoting the Rokbak brand.

“There are many things which make Rokbak unique,” he says. “We spend a lot of time with our dealers and that is unusual for a manufacturer. We have a close partnership with our dealer network, which benefits all parties.

“It means we can be involved with the customer right from the start and establish that level of trust with our end-users here in the US, as the construction industry, and Rokbak, prospers.”



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