SEW-EURODRIVE closes the loop with complete panel solutions

Willem Strydom, Business Development Electronics manager at SEW-EURODRIVE.
Willem Strydom, Business Development Electronics manager at SEW-EURODRIVE.

As companies in various sectors move toward a preference for single sources of supply, SEW-EURODRIVE South Africa is highlighting its capabilities in the supply of complete control panels. Well known for its geared motors, frequency inverters, controls and software, the company’s control panels help customers to streamline their costs and supply chain.

According to Willem Strydom, Business Development Electronics manager at SEW-EURODRIVE, there has been a strong trend in recent years of companies wanting to deal directly with original equipment suppliers (OEMs). The preference is moving toward a single source of supply to reduce cost and risk, and to simplify the supply chain.

“The market in many industries from mining to agriculture has made it clear that they can no longer afford ‘middlemen’ in the procurement process,” says Strydom. “Companies want to deal with one supplier, preferably a specialised OEM who has a depth of expertise and can stand behind their solutions with the necessary support.”

Responding to these customer needs, SEW-EURODRIVE has been pursuing a strategy of complementing its existing range by steadily adding more value – or closing the loop. Control panels are another vital aspect of most contracts in which the company is involved, so it has actively moved into this space to make it easier for customers.

“There are relatively few OEMs in our field in this region, which gives us the ability to broaden our offering while giving customers high quality solutions and peace of mind,” he says. “With one of the largest sales forces in the country with on the ground representation across Africa, SEW-EURODRIVE delivers outstanding service levels to support our depth of mechanical and electronic capability.”

The company’s in-house engineering team designs control panels for specific applications where its drive technology is being applied, and even provides the programming required. The local assembly of these units also aligns with many industries’ efforts to support the local economy and secure their supply chains against possible disruption.

“Our customers are looking for the same high quality of ancillary equipment as they receive with all our other products and solutions,” says Strydom. “With our established reputation in the market, customers trust that we will deliver what they need.”

The quality design and manufacture of SEW-EURODRIVE South Africa’s panels and enclosures can be suited to any customer requirement, including floor mounts or wall mounts – and with ingress protection (IP) ratings up to IP65 or whatever the application demands. The panels can also be supplied for containerised solutions such as e-houses, which are increasingly popular around Africa on remote mining sites as well as other industrial applications.

“While our focus in the past has been on our specialised componentry and solutions, our customers have requested our broader involvement in their projects – leading to us entering this important space,” he concludes. “This has further cemented our relationships with customers, through being able to assume responsibility for a wider scope.”

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