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Division manager Philippe Bourdiol.
Division manager Philippe Bourdiol.

Having an “electronic nose” that smells fires before they start is a reality. The international technology patented for fire protection in cement factories helps cement manufacturing companies keep their operations teams and processes safe, while also making sure their costs are optimised. Preventing fires and explosions with modern technology is one of the keys of making profit for any player that wants no surprises in their processes.

Meet the ‘electronic nose’ technology suppliers, as well as other solutions and technology producers helping the cement and construction industry achieve their goals for efficient and safe production on October 26 and 27 in Lyon, France, at the InterContinental Hotel Dieu. Lyon will host the second edition of CarbonZero Global Conference and Exhibition bringing together the most brilliant minds and top experts to find and outline the most effective and high-importance solutions for decarbonizing the cement and construction industry. The conference focuses on Alternative Fuels and Raw Materials used for reaching as close as zero CO2 emissions.

Fires are especially common in factories with an increased concentration of combustive materials, volatile substances, and equipment. Philippe Bourdiol, Division Manager at Firefly AB, the Swedish company with patented technology for fire protection, will be presenting intelligent solutions for this high-risk problem. Dangerous particles in a process flow can be detected and extinguished within milliseconds before a fire or a dust explosion builds. Firefly detectors can find hot particles before these even start to glow. Their Quick Suppression System detects and extinguishes flames in open areas and around machinery, at the earliest stage of an outbreak.

Philippe Bourdiol, Division Manager, says: “We are pleased to participate once again in the CarbonZero Global Conference and Exhibition. The event is already creating great expectations in the alternative fuels community due to the innovative format selected and the highly relevant topics on the agenda. We look forward to meeting all international leaders in October in Lyon to share together the best solutions to support the industry of the future.”

Mariana Gheorghe, Marketing and Programme manager, Industry Link: “Rallying with the best of the industry is our main target for the event. We are a young but fierce events company and we do things differently, we aligned the utmost quality in what a conference has to offer – our choice of venue, speakers and sponsors, our on site dynamic and program. Do not expect Business as usual from CarbonZero Global Conference and Exhibition 2023, as you will be disappointed. We are here to change as the industry needs to change.”


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