The mutual benefits of registering with the BCCEI

Lindie Fourie, operations manager at the Bargaining Council for the Civil Engineering Industry.
Lindie Fourie, operations manager at the Bargaining Council for the Civil Engineering Industry.

Registration with the Bargaining Council for the Civil Engineering Industry (BCCEI) is not only compulsory but also incredibly advantageous for both companies and their employees. The operations manager at the BCCEI, Lindie Fourie, strongly believes that company registration promotes a more balanced and sustainable sector for all parties involved.

Membership with the BCCEI transforms a company into an active participant in the civil engineering industry. The BCCEI plays a pivotal role in facilitating collective bargaining concerning wages and general terms of employment, consequently leading to fairer outcomes for everyone involved.

Fourie underscores the advantage of this process, stating, “Being part of the BCCEI makes a company an active participant, able to leverage our national footprint and information sharing abilities including the opportunity, through party representatives, to lobby stakeholders in the industry.”

Collective bargaining outcomes benefit both employers, especially those lacking the resources for prolonged negotiations, and employees, who may not be adequately organised to present their demands at the company level. Not only does it facilitate a fairer outcome, but it also minimises disruptions in the working environment, allowing resources and energy to be channelled where most needed.

Furthermore, certain minimum allowances which employees are entitled to, under the conditions of employment for the civil engineering sector, often go unnoticed by both parties.

Fourie points out that registration with the BCCEI can help clarify these conditions, ensuring that both employers and employees understand their rights and obligations. In addition, this does lead to a levelling of the playing field in some respects encouraging contractors to compete fairly against each and end the practice of under cutting minimum wages in an attempt to secure contracts at the detriment of employees.

“Registration with the BCCEI presents an opportunity for companies to actively contribute to the civil engineering sector’s stability and sustainability. The mutual benefits for both employers and employees resulting from the BCCEI’s involvement cannot be overstated, making it a win-win for all,” Fourie concludes.


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