Unlocking value from data to drive better business results

Charles Blackbeard, business development manager, ABB Ability Digital Solutions.

Today’s digital technologies create vast quantities of data, which is where opportunities for improvement lie. However, much of it goes unused. In fact, the average plant uses only 20% of the data it generates. The successful companies of the future will be those that can capitalise on this data quickly, efficiently, cost-effectively and across the enterprise through an effective data analytics strategy that encompasses site, edge and the cloud.

Data, technology and digital capability need to be brought together to build rapidly deployable analytics and AI/ML applications to increase productivity while decreasing costs and, in turn, improving sustainability and safety compliance.

Clients are afforded the opportunity to unlock the value of contextualised data through IIoT and Industrial AI. Here a prebuilt industry standards based cognitive data model can provide actionable insights to achieve operational performance, asset integrity, energy efficiency, sustainability and safety.

However, bringing together multiple data sources to assist customers to make better informed business decisions is easier said than done. The challenge lies in finding a way to manage and analyse huge volumes of data stored within disparate networks that could be either on the premises or in the cloud. If successful this will result in improved productivity and optimum utilisation of plants and assets, process improvements and cost-savings.

“As a global leader in integrated industrial automation with deep domain expertise, ABB has advanced analytics to help customers accelerate their operational and business performance,” says Charles Blackbeard, business development manager, ABB Ability Digital Solutions.

ABB Ability Genix Industrial Analytics and AI Suite is a scalable suite consisting of an advanced analytics platform and prebuilt easy-to-use applications which is coupled with ABB’s implementation expertise. The suite connects, collects, and contextualises data from operational, IT and engineering systems. It empowers clients to unlock value from their data, driving better business results

Its modular nature means it can be structured to meet client needs, protecting existing investments while supporting seamless integration. It can be deployed from edge to fleet, plant, on premise, hybrid, cloud and multi-cloud based on the clients’ roadmap. ABB also offers an impressive range of business value applications, including system anomaly detection, opportunity loss manager and machine performance analytics.

ABB provides advanced consulting, predictive maintenance, performance optimisation and remote assistance for a range of industries, including oil and gas, chemicals, power generation, water utilities, mining, cement, pulp and paper and marine and ports.

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