Volvo Penta’s D13 genset engine gets a power upgrade

The D13 500 kVA has a fuel-saving of 4 – 5%, compared to previous models.
The D13 500 kVA has a fuel-saving of 4 – 5%, compared to previous models.

Volvo Penta has strengthened its generation engine portfolio with the introduction of a new D13 power node, the TAD1346GE 500 kVA. Reliable compact and fuel-efficient this is a great addition to the company’s current power offer.

“The addition of the 500 kVA power node to our D13 genset engine is another step in this Volvo Penta journey,” says Kristian Vekas, product manager for generator engines at Volvo Penta. “We are constantly improving and expanding our offering to support our global customers’ needs for today and tomorrow.”

Volvo Penta’s D13 500 kVA gives full power output the second it starts up – an essential feature for a backup genset particularly for those being used in emergency/stand-by operations.

Volvo Penta engines have gone through thousands of hours of rigorous testing and real-world use in a wide variety of applications across the Volvo Group in the toughest environments, -25°C, up to 60°C. The new D13 500 kVA is no exception, characterised by its ability to immediately start and instantly deliver the intended power, it is a reliable power backup for emergency standby.

The D13 500 kVA is considerably smaller and lighter when compared to previous models. This allows for downsizing – resulting in a smaller engine room, smaller alternator and ultimately fuel saving.

The D13 500 kVA has a fuel-saving of 4 – 5%, compared to previous models. This is, in part, due to the quality and viscosity of the lubrication oil which influences the internal friction in the engine, which plays a vital role in fuel consumption.

“This is a great addition to our strong full engine range,” concludes Giorgio Paris president of Industrial, Volvo Penta. “Volvo Penta is committed to continuing to improve today’s products to become even more reliable. But it’s not just about the final product, we are committed to supporting our customers every step of the way with a strong aftermarket support present in over 130 markets worldwide.”

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