Volvo R100E rigid hauler offers low TCO for South African mining contractor

The design of the 60,4 m³ capacity body ensures optimum load retention and minimal carry-back.
The design of the 60,4 m³ capacity body ensures optimum load retention and minimal carry-back.

Having added a Volvo R100E to its fleet in August 2017, Sandton Plant Hire has been thoroughly impressed by the high productivity, low fuel consumption and high uptime delivered by the rigid hauler at its mine in northern Zululand.

In the coastal South African province of KwaZulu-Natal, an R100E rigid hauler from Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) is proving a reliable, productive and profitable member of Sandton Plant Hire’s fleet.

Since the 95-t payload hauler was delivered in August 2017, it has racked up 7 625 engine hours, working 20-22 hours a day at an anthracite mine, moving overburden, topsoil and blasted rock in hot, humid and corrosive conditions – and is a hit with both operators and company bosses.

“Our operators like the R100E because it is simple to operate and has a comfortable and ergonomic cab,” says Craig Mottram, operations manager at Sandton Plant Hire, which has grown since 1982 into one of South Africa’s largest hot material handling and open case mining companies with just under 3 000 staff.

The biggest benefits to Sandton Plant Hire, however, are the Volvo R100E rigid hauler’s high productivity, low fuel consumption and low maintenance requirements, which have combined to deliver a low total cost of ownership and operation (TCO) over the last few years.

“Since bringing on the R100E we have definitely noticed an increase in productivity,” Mottram says.

The design of the 60,4 m³ capacity body ensures optimum load retention and minimal carry-back, while the best-in-class rimpull and ability of the hauler to easily navigate tough ground conditions and gradients ensure fast cycle times.

First in fuel efficiency

When it comes to fuel efficiency, the Volvo R100E rigid hauler is second to none. The Volvo Dynamic Shift Control builds on the already efficient engine to automatically adapt transmission gearshift patterns according to varying conditions, ensuring a smooth, consistent ride and exceptionally low fuel consumption.

As for maintenance, the R100E has been designed for ultimate durability. A low centre of gravity and even weight distribution ensure the heavy-duty machine spreads the load, as well as any impacts and structural stresses, equally across the truck.

At the same time, all components have been rigorously tested under extreme working conditions to achieve industry-leading longevity. Certain features, such as the neutral cost inhibitor, overspeed protection and transmission retarder, help prevent unnecessary wear for extended service intervals, lower maintenance costs and increased uptime.

“The low fuel consumption and maintenance make the R100E cheaper to operate than other rigid haulers in our fleet,” Mottram says.

Tried and trusted

Sandton Plant Hire operates a vast fleet of machines including hundreds of Volvo wheel loaders and articulated haulers, as well as a substantial fleet of rigid haulers. Sandton Plant Hire has worked with the local Volvo dealer Babcock for over 25 years for the supply and service of mining and construction equipment.

“We have counted on the great service, parts availability and strong reliable products with a good resale value from Babcock for many years. Being already familiar with Volvo machines, it was a natural progression to the Volvo R100E. We have been very impressed by its performance so far and definitely plan to buy more,” he concludes.


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